• Nature Society (Singapore)

    Nature Society (Singapore) is a non-government, non-profit organisation dedicated to the appreciation, conservation, study and enjoyment of the natural heritage in Singapore, Malaysia and the surrounding region. Read more »

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  • NSS's Position on the Cross-Island Line

    Find out the reasons for our concern about the proposed Cross-Island Line which cuts through our Central Catchment Nature Reserve. Read more »

  • NSS's Position on Bidadari

    Read about our proposal on Bidadari as a Nature Park. Read more »

  • NSS's Feedback on the URA Master Plan 2013

    In response to the recently announced Master Plan by URA, NSS submitted a 24-page feedback document for consideration. Read more »

  • NSS Symposium 2011: Nature Conservation for a Sustainable Singapore Papers Now Available

    Presentation papers for the 2011 Symposium organized by NSS are now available for download. Read more »

  • Our Singapore Conversation on Green Spaces

    Nature Society (Singapore) co-hosted with Young NTUC the Our Singapore Conversation on Green Spaces. Participants discussed what they had in mind about our remaining green spaces and what they would like to see. Read more »

  • NSS' Motion Adopted at World Conservation Congress

    NSS' motion for the conservation of Asian horseshoe crabs was successfully adopted at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Jeju, Republic of Korea, 6–15 September 2012. Read more »


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Recent News

Jul 30, 2014
iNaturalist for Singapore Moths is now Online!

Site and community for reporting personal observations of any moth species within Singapore.

Jun 24, 2014
Taiwan Birdathon 2014 - Registration Opening Soon

Held over 30 hrs across 3 counties on 1st & 2nd Nov 2014, the Taiwan Birdathon is an annual international event attracting both amateur & professional birders around the globe. Find out how you can participate now.

Jun 20, 2014
Chocolate Albatross Returns!

The Return of the Chocolate Albatross to our Shores

Jun 19, 2014
Public Talk on Moths - 5th July 2014

2 talks on moths for the public

Jun 08, 2014
Go butterfly watching at Pulau Ubin

Featured article in Lianhe Zaobao

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