Volunteer For Us.

Nature Society (Singapore) is always looking for volunteers to help out in our projects. We are recruiting volunteers to help out in the following projects:

1) Horseshoe Crab Rescue & Research


This initiative started as a conservation effort to rescue Horseshoe Crabs entrapped in deployed and abandoned fishing nets at the Mandai mudflats. It then evolved to basic research on their population structure and on to more sophisticated research to improve our understanding of this little-known ancient mariner, the Horseshoe Crab, which is as old as the dinosaurs.

Over the years, we had students from primary, secondary and international schools, trainee teachers from NIE and members of the public collaborating in rescue and research on the Mandai mudflats. This activity is a real immersion in "muddy hands-on and legs in mud" and "out of the comfort zone" search and, if necessary, rescue work. We introduce and train volunteers in proper handling of the Horseshoe Crabs, and how to measure their length, identify their gender and breeding status, record measurements and release them back into the mangroves. They may also be involved and assist with data analysis to help determine population size and density. 

This activity is held once every month. To take part, please refer to our events page and register online.

2) Feeding records of butterflies in Malaysia and Singapore

The Butterfly and Insect Group (BIG) is initiating a new study on feeding records of butterflies observed in forest/ semi-urban/ urban environments in Malaysia and Singapore.

Goal: Compile records of feeding behaviour including nectaring, fruit feeding, puddling behaviours etc in various environments/ landscapes such as forests, rural and urban parks for the South East Asian region.

We hope this study will help us understand the following:
  • Food requirements of adult butterflies
  • Which flowers are the most effective nectar sources? How many of which are native, non-native?
  • Are there species which we have never seen feeding?
  • How many non-nectar feeding butterflies are there in Singapore?

We invite you to be part of this exciting research. Tell us if you spot a butterfly feeding. To report a sighting, please email your record to Mr Anuj Jain at anuj0001@gmail.com in the following format:
- species (include number of individuals spotted for each species)
- location
- date
- feeding behaviour (include species identity of plant if known)
- time of the sighting
- photo(s) (if available. Photos are extremely useful if you are not sure of the species identity of the butterfly and the plant. We can identify them for you by looking at the photos.)

Please EXCLUDE sightings from butterfly enclosures because these are not natural environments.

Sample submission
Species (# of individuals): Banded Demon (1 individual)
Location: Dairy Farm Nature Park, Wallace Trail, Singapore
Date: 27 January 2012
Behaviour: Feeding on nectar from flowers of
Asystasia intrusa
Time: Between 11am - 1pm

This is an ONGOING study and submissions will always be welcome. All contributors will be acknowledged.

3) Veggie Thursday



Nature Society (Singapore), together with many other organizations such as ACRES, WWF and the Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore), is endorsing this campaign to encourage people to cut down on meat consumption (or even better, go vegetarian) every Thursday. By simply cutting down on meat for a day, we can help to cut down on the carbon emissions from the rearing of animals. We also get to reduce the amount of vegetables and other plants needed to feed them. 

We are looking for enthusiastic and enterprising people who can help us spread this message by organising activities in celebration of Veggie Thursday at their workplace, school or organization. If you have any plans or suggestions, please email us at contact@nss.org.sg