Save Bukit Brown Cemetery

Bukit Brown Cemetery provides key ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration, flood prevention, natural air-conditioning and a habitat for threatened species, just to name a few.

Position Paper on Bukit Brown

Nature Society (Singapore) supports local efforts in the conservation of Bukit Brown Cemetery. Find out more about our reasons for conserving it by downloading our position paper here

Update on Position Paper on Bukit Brown

Following LTA's announcement on 19 March 2012 of the alignment of the expressway across Bukit Brown, we have prepared an addendum to our position paper in response to LTA's announcement.

You may download our addendum here and the updated Bukit Brown Checklist (March 2012) here.

Petition to Save Bukit Brown

We also urge you to help us support a petition to collect 100,000 names - one for each grave. You can download the petition form here.