.SINGAPORE WATERS — Unveiling Our Seas

ISBN 981-04-8797-5

160-page, hard cover, thread sewn

Size: 255mm x 280mm landscape

Text: 15 matt art

Case: 3mm board with buckram lining

Jacket: 105 matt art

Category: Natural History

Publisher: Nature Society (Singapore)

Publishing consultant: Swift & Seagull

Colour Separation: Unique Colour Separation Pte Ltd

Printing: New Era Press Pte Ltd

Distributor: Editions Didier Millet

Retail book price: S$49.90

Available at all major bookstores in Singapore, Changi International Airport, Botanic Garden Shop, selected hotel shops



The Book, Our Marine Heritage


SINGAPORE WATERS—Unveiling Our Seas is a photographic first-of-its-kind for Singapore, a look at the island republic that will surprise with its trove of underwater images, all shot locally. The book presents a little known side of Singapore, telling of the relationship islanders once hand with the sea and its rich marine biodiversity.

Accompanying the photographs is a compilation of stories, comments and natural history facts from a host of people—from adults who were once Boy Scouts camping on a beach to today's divers and marine biologists who are witness to Singapore's marine landscape. The book goes on to show how much marine wealth Singapore still has, and looks to the future, wondering what will remain.

SINGAPORE WATERS is a voluntary effort that has taken three years to put together. It is a 160-page publication featuring over 250 photographs created with the intent to highlight the history and marine biodiversity of the waters that surround Singapore. it is targeted at all who know and live in Singapore, especially those interested in nature and sea life.


SINGAPORE WATERS is a project of the Marine Conservation Group of the Nature Society (Singapore). Formed in 1985, the group's intention continues to be to encourage understanding, appreciation and protection of marine nature in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Proceeds from the sales of the book will go to the Nature Society to fund further programmes and projects in conservation and environmental awareness.


©  Marine Conservation Group, Nature Society (Singapore), November 2003