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FUN WITH NATURE for Primary Schools

  • What is Fun with Nature?
    Fun with Nature is a Nature Education Package specially tailored for Primary School students, with the aims of promoting a love for nature and a better appreciation of Singapore’s Natural Heritage.

  • What does the Fun with Nature Package cover?
    Subsidised generously by our corporate sponsor HSBC, a school need only pay SGD$400 for a Fun with Nature Package comprising 3 Parts:

    1. Assembly Talk on “Singapore’s Amazing Wildlife”
      Participating schools will benefit from an assembly talk on nature (for AM and PM sessions upon request) called "Singapore’s Amazing Wildlife". This inspiring talk opens the eyes of students to the wide variety of wildlife found on our island country, even within meters from their homes! The talk complements the simultaneous "Singapore’s Amazing Wildlife" nature exhibition held at the school premises, as well as the Fun with Nature workshops.

    2. Nature Exhibition on “Singapore’s Amazing Wildlife” (Not available till further notice. Revamp of materials in process.)
      This roving exhibition on "Singapore’s Amazing Wildlife" is a good follow-up to the Assembly Talk. Its poster and photo exhibits will focus on Singapore’s native fauna and their natural habitats. Exhibition panels will be placed in participating schools for two weeks such that all students will have a chance to view the exhibits at their own pace.

    3. Fun with Nature Workshops (Not available till further notice. Revamp of materials in process.)
      In a 2-hour show-and-tell workshop held within the school’s premises, students are taught in small groups (maximum 42 pupils), about a specific group of native animals. Teaching materials include pictures, models and specimens of local fauna. Students will learn about animal ecology, conservation issues, animal care and create related arts and crafts. Schools can choose from the following workshop topics:
      - Fun with Birds
      - Fun with Butterflies
      - Fun with Frogs
      - Fun with Reptiles

  • How many Primary Schools have conducted Fun with Nature?
    Since the programme started in 2004, Fun with Nature has been conducted at 41 primary schools throughout Singapore. Many of these schools have repeated the Fun with Nature workshops over the years, either choosing a different topic, or running the same topic for all classes in a given standard (eg. workshops for all classes in Primary 3). These extra workshops come at a subsidised rate of SGD$100 each.

  • Can NSS conduct a Nature Walk for my school?
    Yes, our experienced nature instructors can conduct a 2-hour nature walk for a class of 42 pupils in Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve (SBWR http://www.sbwr.org.sg/), or any other public parks. Cost of this walk is again subsidised by HSBC, and a school need only pay SGD$100 per walk, excluding entrance charges. SBWR entry fees are SGD$1 per pax.
Important Note: 
As our Fun with Nature materials are undergoing a revamp, pls note that the Workshops and Exhibition are unavailable until further notice. However, we are still able to give Assembly Talks and conduct Guided Walks for students.

For more information on the Fun with Nature Package, please email NSS Education Group Chairperson Gloria Seow at gloria_seow@yahoo.com.
Enquiries and registrations can also be made at the Nature Society (Singapore) office, Tel: 6741-2036 or Fax: 6741-0871.


Butterfly Gardening Extension Package
Objective: To plan, design and implement a small garden to attract and benefit butterflies. We have a tried-and-tested list of butterfly attracting host plants, some of which are available from gardening shops, while others are wildflowers not commercially available but which we can provide. It is guaranteed that butterflies will visit once these specific host plants are in place.

There will be no need for the construction of a cage for captive butterflies as this has proven to be costly, unsustainable and extremely high in maintenance, even for the experts. For these reasons, we do not approve of this method of keeping butterflies. What can easily be achieved is for the kids to collect caterpillars from the school’s garden to rear in terrariums with the chance of observing and studying the magical process of metamorphosis. Kids can then release the emerged butterflies back into their garden. The students are therefore involved in an easily accomplished nature conservation activity, while at the same time learning hands-on about natural history.

To this end, we offer the Butterfly Gardening Extension Package (done in conjunction with the Fun with Butterflies workshop) consisting of one session with up to 40 kids who have already been through Fun with Butterflies. The session will cover butterfly host plants, planting and plant care, interactions between butterflies and their host plants, and how to observe and document these lovely insects.

The extension package is inclusive of hands-on outdoor activity for the kids. We will also source and freely provide those plants that are not available from nurseries. In addition, we will provide a sketch of a butterfly garden designl; visit your garden during its preparation to liase with your contractor; and advise on where to place the plants on-site.

Cost of Butterfly Gardening Extension Package: SGD$600
The package cost is not inclusive of construction of garden (plant beds, edging, etc) by a contractor; the purchase of plants from the nurseries; plant labels, gardening tools, compost, terrariums and other materials.

Contact Persons 
Tan Hang Chong (Fun with Nature)
NSS Assistant Secretary 
Nature Society (Singapore)
510 Geylang Road
The Sunflower, #02-05, Singapore 389466
Hp: 9025 9230 
Email: hangchong@gmail.com  

Andrew Tay (Butterfly Gardening)
Hp: 985 622 62
Email: andrew.tay@pacific.net.sg


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