In Search of Butterflies around Bukit Brown

Date : 20 Oct 2019 - 20 Oct 2019
Time : 9.30am to 12pm
Location : Bukit Brown

Members and their Friends only - Registration Needed

While designated a Chinese burial ground from 1922 to 1973, Bukit Brown was thereafter taken over in large part by Mother Nature with mature trees, shrubs and tall grasses abounding. However, more than a year ago, a section of the hill's lush greenery was removed for the construction of a new road parallel to Lornie Rd. Following this development, it would be timely to check upon the state of butterfly life in the remaining part of Bukit Brown. Join Simon Chan and Amy Tsang in this quest on Sun, 20 Oct. Past records reveal common, uncommon and some rarer butterflies on the hill. Rarer butterflies sighted included the Golden Royal, Black Veined Tiger, Yamfly, Bamboo Tree Brown, whilst the Malayan Eggfly, Burmese Bush Brown, Chestnut Bob, Common Five-Ring were among the more common species seen.

9.30am to 12pm

Registration & Enquiries
To attend or for enquiries, please register with/contact Amy Tsang (hp: 98175549).