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Double the Impact of Your Donations to Nature Society (Singapore)


An appeal to members to take advantage of the Bicentennial Community Fund


Announced in Singapore Budget 2019, the Bicentennial Community Fund (BCF) is a one-off initiative from the Government which provides dollar-for-dollar matching for donations to Institutions of a Public Character.


Nature Society (Singapore) [NSS] is one such: An Institution of a Public Character (IPC). Being a registered society operating under the Societies Act, as well as an institution of a public character, puts additional administrative burdens on NSS and our staff, but it also entails certain benefits. Such as this opportunity for all our supporters: We are eligible to participate in the BCF.


NSS will apply to be included in this program by September 2019, but we feel confident that we will qualify, so we now urge all our members, sympathizers and supporters to start helping us right now.

Under the scheme, donations received by NSS between 1 April 2019 and 31 March 2020 will be eligible for doubling up. All donors can continue to enjoy 250% tax deduction for qualifying donations made to IPCs. There is a cap for BCF contributions of $400,000 but otherwise no conditions regarding how the money can be spent. You can read more about the scheme from this link:


We will make an additional announcement as soon as NSS participation has been confirmed. But you are very welcome to make your contributions to the society immediately - in the anticipation that each dollar you give now will be matched and doubled up, so as to increase the impact that your money will have on the society. If we are to increase the public awareness about the importance and urgency of nature appreciation and conservation, NSS needs all the resources we can possibly muster.


Donations can be made in cash, cheque, Internet banking fund transfer, by credit card or as an online payment to our PayPal account; please contact our secretariat for details at telephone 6741-2036 or email our accounts officer, Mr. Joe Lim, at  


Thank you in advance.



Dr. Shawn Lum


Nature Society (Singapore)

On behalf of NSS Executive Committee