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Nature Society (Singapore) wins Charity Transparency Award and Charity Governance Award 2016

Nature Society (Singapore) has won the Charity Transparency Award (CTA) and the Charity Governance Award (CGA) for 2016. As 1 of 35 recipients of the former (CTA), this pre-qualified us for consideration for the larger and more exclusive CGA. Winning organisations of the Charity Governance Award were awarded $10,000 each in recognition of their efforts.

There were altogether three size categories for organisations to take part - Small, Medium and Large. As NSS has total receipts less than $1 million pa, the society qualified under the Small category.

This represents a tremendous accolade for NSS and should help us in fund-raising, attracting new members and creating an even more widely known public persona. 

Congratulations to all those who, over the years, have laboured mightily to get our governance procedures up to this winning standard.