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Treehugger female Ovipositing, 22nd Sept. 2010

Treehugger female Ovipositing, 22nd Sept. 2010

Postby kctsang » Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:12 pm

It was with great fortune this morning that we came a cross a pair of Treehuggers, Tyriobapta torrida Kirby ,
male and female, over a small pool of water in the middle of the jungle, the female performing her duties in a
most unusual manner. The female would continuously flick water up onto the bank of the pool using her abdomen
and in the mean time the eggs are laid and thrown up the bank with the water.

We were amazed by the amount of energy spent doing this.

Any ways please refer to pages 201-202 0f Dragonflies of Singapore for a better description.

you can watch the video at:

Female Treehugger Ovipositing, 22nd Sept 2010

below is the picture of the female captured by Willi Kwek


Re: Treehugger female Ovipositing, 22nd Sept. 2010

Postby Laurence Leong » Fri Sep 24, 2010 10:03 am

KC. Very educational. The male appearred once in a while and seemed to be telling is mate, "hey, put some here, some there" , and "are
you all right?" :thumbsup:
Laurence Leong

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