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Ovipositing with a difference ...

Ovipositing with a difference ...

Postby kctsang » Thu Oct 14, 2010 10:48 pm

The Blue-spotted Flatwing would immediately on being fertilised to oviposit,
however it would not be done on water like most dragonflies or damselflies.
After copulation it would immediately find a suitable twig, with a soft enough
bark, the twig will also have to be over water so that when the eggs hatch the hatchlings would
immediately drop into water. The bark of the twig would than be cut or slit open
with the ovipositor the process can be seen in the video I had made. The eggs would than be
deposited into the slit of the bark.

If you can, please watch the video at 720p resolution...

The video clip can be seen at:


:D :D :D

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