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Sony Handycam DCR-SR68E

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Sony Handycam DCR-SR68E

Postby kctsang » Wed May 05, 2010 10:56 pm

A video camera as another tool for birding, and butterflying, and why not ??? It is able to record images, sound, and movements made by the subject. All these are done in real time. With a combination of these features, thus making bird identification, easier, and birding more fun.

However, it had been noted that this will slow you down in getting the numbers of birds seen, maybe down to as low as 10 percent or lower compared to one who just carries a binoculars, pencil and paper.

So one has to decide on what kind of birding one wants to do, twitching, or bird study, and detail recording
of an individual bird, one bird a time, per day or even more days ???

So I have decided that I would like to do bird behavior study, a still camera was good as it has the fine resolution
that makes a bird picture so nice to look at. However what is missing is the sound and movements that can be
very important to bird behavioral study.

After much mulling around on which video camera I should have, went to my favorite camera shop and talked to my
favorite salesperson, who recommended me the Sony Handycam DCR SR68E. As my requirements are that it has got to be cheap, and of the latest model. So this videocam fits the bill as it is cheap, being a display set, it only has standard definition, not high definition which would cost me about three times more, and can be even more.

This Handycam is quite small and light, with a 60x optical, and a 2000x digital zoom, a great feature for birds that are very shy and hard to get close. However it has to be said that the image quality will never be half as good as those that can be attained by a still camera. Besides clip should not be enlarged beyond its recommended sizes as dictated by the editing software like iMovie. So again it is all about choices.

Please have a look at the little clip that I made of the Peacock Pansy, one can see that with a video camera the
upper side and lower side of the butterfly can be shown in one clip, with movements thrown in.

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