Butterfly Walk at Bukit Panjang Park

Date : 12 Dec 2015
Time : 9.30am - 11.30am
Location : Bukit Panjang Park

Meet at Blk 201 Petir Road.

Open to the Public

Our last NSS visit to Bukit Panjang Park was on 31 August 2013, when new condominiums were being constructed alongside the park. Butterfly life was relatively good then despite the environmental disturbances. Two years on, we wonder if butterfly life is as vibrant as before. Join Amy Tsang (HP: 9817-5549) in exploring the Bukit Panjang park area, located in the neighbourhood of the Wallace Dairy Farm and Bukit Timah forests. These forests are thought to be the probable source of forest butterflies such as the Horsfield’s Baron, Plain Nawab, Bigg’s Brownie and Grey Pansy spotted here in the past. 

Things to Bring

It is advisable to have water, hat and walking footwear with you. 

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