Talk: Conserving Indonesia's BirdLife

Date : 03 Nov 2017
Time : 7.30 pm to 9 pm
Location : NSS Office
Address: 510 Geylang Road #02-05 Singapore 389466

Open to the Public

The islands of Indonesia are home to some of the most distinct bird faunas in the world, and support more unique species than any other country. Yet, many of Indonesia's endemic birds are threatened by deforestation and unrelenting poaching for the pet trade. Some of the country's best known species, such as the Yellow-crested Cockatoo and Helmeted Hornbill are now on the brink of extinction. In this talk, two of the world's leading conservationists and widely recognized authorities on Southeast Asia's bird fauna, Nigel Collar (BirdLife International) and Stuart Marsden (Manchester Metropolitan University) will share their experiences working to conserve Indonesia's birds. Besides highlighting their work in Wallacea, Nigel and Stuart will also introduce ongoing work on species such as the Bali and Black-winged Mynas, among other birds at the centre of the Asian Songbird Crisis, and how this can offer broad lessons for bird conservation in Asia.

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