Talk: Birding in Singapore With Your Eyes Closed...Or How to Listen to Birds

Date : 06 Sep 2018
Time : 7.30pm - 8.30pm
Location : Gallery Room, Level 6, Sky Park, Singapore Sustainability Academy (SSA)

SSA Address:
Skypark Level 6, City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road
Singapore 208539

Open to the Public - Registration Needed

In this talk, Yeo Seng Beng reflects on the popularity of birding in Singapore. He feels that bird sounds and calls are an integral part of the birding experience, but this aspect may be under appreciated. Certainly there is much enjoyment in simply listening to birds for the beautiful songs they sing, but isn’t it even better if you can discover a lot more about the bird which is singing? Seng Beng will give examples where the understanding and ability to ID bird sounds provides much advantage to the serious birder.  

Seng Beng will briefly explain how birds make their sounds, much louder than expected for their relatively small bodies.  He will also touch on using bird sound recording equipment, from the simple to the exorbitant, should anyone be interested in taking up bird sound recording. Modern digital technology allows us to analyse bird sound recordings more easily than ever before, and it is also very easy to share sounds and knowledge because of social media.

Lastly, Seng Beng will talk about the Xeno-Canto bird recording website, where birders from all over the world share bird sound recordings, and he will discuss how Singapore has performed in its recordings and contributions to xeno canto.

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