Spotting Forest Butterflies at Upper Seletar Reservoir

Date : 07 Apr 2018
Time : 9am to 11.30am
Location : Meet Amy Tsang (HP: 9817-5549) at 9 am at Carpark B of Mandai Track 7.

Members Only

On a sunny day, butterfly watching in the forested parts of Upper Seletar Reser voir can be a rewarding experience. Usual butterfly encounters include the Cruiser, Bluebottle, Branded Imperial, Tailed Jay, Purple Duke and Commander. From time to time, uncommon and rare forest species have emerged such as the Common Tree Nymph, Banded Swallowtail, Jungle Blue Glory, Five Bar Swordtail, Dark Posy, Green Imperial and Bifid Plushblue. 

Things to Bring

Bring along hat, water, sunblock, binoculars and camera. 

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