Grasshoppers & Bugs Walk

Date : 28 Nov 2015
Time : 8pm - 10pm
Location : Bukit Batok Nature Park

Meet Butterfly and Insect Group’s Tan Ming Kai and Yeo Huiqing in the carpark along Bukit Batok East Ave 2.

Open to the Public

Bukit Batok Nature Park is biodiversity rich, supported by an adjacent secondary forest. On a good night, you can be treated to an array of orthopterans ranging from ground-dwelling gr yllids, subterranean mole crickets, limnoterrestrial pygmy grasshoppers and an orchestra of songs and calls. If you are lucky, you might encounter cute ant-piling assassin bugs, elusive spider hunting emesine assassin bugs, smelly termite specialist Lisarda and colourful but secretive millipede hunters. 

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