Book Talk on ‘Asia’s Wildlife: Journey to the Forests of Hope’

Date : 17 May 2018
Time : 7.30 pm to 8.30pm
Location : NSS Office

510 Geylang Road
#02-05, The Sunflower
Singapore 389466

Open to the Public

Rich in biodiversity, Asia’s tropical forests are also amongst the most threatened ecosystems in the world, due to logging, plantation agriculture and unregulated hunting. Leading wildlife photographers and writers Bjorn Olesen and Fanny Lai visited eight of Asia’s ‘Forest of Hope’ sites in eight countries to document the remarkable wildlife and conservation work there. In collaboration with BirdLife International partners working on the ground, Bjorn and Fanny reveal some of the region’s most distinctive species through their lenses, including the Red-shanked Douc Langur, the Giant Ibis and the Storm’s Stork. Hear them recount their photographic odyssey to produce ‘Asia’s Wildlife: Journey to the Forests of Hope’. This book aims to raise funds for BirdLife International’s Forest of Hope programme in Asia and increase awareness for nature conservation. The talk will be hosted by Lim Kim Chuah and Dr Yong Ding Li from the Bird Group. 

The book will be available for sale. 

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