Butterfly Walk from Rifle Range to Jelutong

Date : 21 Oct 2018
Time : 9.30am to 11.30am
Location : Meeting Point
Meet Simon Chan and Amy Tsang at 9.30 am at the end of Rifle Range Road next to a small car park.

Members Only

On a sunny day, the secondary forest stretch from Rifle Range to Jelutong tower can yield tantalising finds. Rare butterflies seen previously include the critically-endangered Great Imperial, Studded Sergeant, Pygmy Posy, Ultra Snow Flat, Lesser Harlequin, Silver Royal and Colonel. The more commonly encountered butterflies are the Commander, Common Bluebottle, Tailed Jay, Cruiser, Branded Imperial, Purple Duke, Elbowed Pierrot and Yellow-veined Lancer.

Things to Bring
You will need good walking shoes, hat and water for this fairly long walk.

For queries, please contact Amy (HP: 9817-5549).

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